iVTH acquires two new research projects for the wood construction and adhesives sector

On January 1, 2021, two new Industrial Collective Research (IGF) projects supervised by iVTH started. Project 21285 N "Optimierung des Ersatzstabverfahrens für biegedrillknickgefährdete Bauteile aus Holz unter Momenten-Normalkraft-Belastung" (Optimization of the equivalent beam method for timber components subjected to lateral-torsional buckling under moment-normal force loading) aims to promote the competitiveness of timber construction as a comparatively energy-efficient construction method while at the same time using materials more economically than other construction methods. The research project, which is scheduled to run for two years, is being conducted at the Institute of Structural Design at the University of Stuttgart.

By means of tests, a data basis for analytical and numerical investigations is to be created, so that the economic optimization of the combined equivalent beam method can be carried out. The effects that are essential for the load-bearing behavior, such as the plasticization of the wood in the compression zone, will be considered. The optimized verification should enable better utilization of slender, bar-shaped timber components and thus reduce cross-sectional dimensions, save material costs and enable larger spans.

Three research institutions will work together on IGF project 21550 N "TACITUS FAQs - Eruierung und Klärung von Aspekten für eine wirtschaftliche Anwendung von Laubholzkonstruktionen mit eingeklebten Stäben" (TACITUS FAQs - Determination and clarification of aspects for an economic application of hardwood constructions with glued-in bars), which follows on from the previous project "TACITUS". The project partners include the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research (IFAM), the Technical University of Dortmund with its Department of Materials Testing Technology (WPT), and the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, represented by the Institute for Building Materials and Construction (HSRM). The project has a duration of two and a half years.

The focus is on domestic hardwoods, which still have a comparatively small market share in the construction industry. The research results are to be used to develop near-standard methods for evaluating the ultimate load behavior of glued-in bars in hardwood products. This should lead to material and cost savings in the construction of timber structures and expand the range of structures that can be manufactured using timber construction methods.

The iVTH will keep its members informed of the research progress through short reports. All results will be summarized in final reports, which can be obtained from the iVTH. The final report will be in German language, but an English summary will be available.

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